More than one year ago, I decided to move to Denmark, Copenhagen. For that, I needed a plan and a strategy. The strategy was simple: throw caution to the wind and bet it all on black.

But, this article is not about me. The previous paragraph was a mere introduction and I will come back to it at a later point, with more details regarding my first months in Denmark. These words are about people for people; about bringing students from five different worlds and backgrounds together and having them work together for almost five days.

Last week, I&E students facilitated the Bridge Week case competition for Tryg (biggest insurance company in Denmark, with more than 2.5 million clients in Scandinavia). Tryg, like all insurance companies around the world are facing a crisis (info validated by one of AP students, Julian). Their revenue is diminishing year by year and they wanted to develop new products aimed at a younger market, inspired by new trends and technologies like blockchain, shared economy, IoT, micropayments, etc.

Last Monday, on the 30th of January 2017, the case was presented by Tryg at Lyngby Cinema. IBM and Accenture were attending as well and they talked about new trends, exemplified by solutions such as Bluemix and Watson Analytics.

At 12:30 the show was on! In our classroom, we had 6 teams (3-8 AP program students each) that had to come up with new insurance products, ideas or business models addressed to a younger population (18-30 yrs. Old) considering the new technological trends and using the tools supplied by IBM.

We presented ourselves (Mikkel, Geo, Isabella, Elise, Ana, Diana and I), we went on with the case competition and we wrapped up the day with team-building exercises.


Next day, the teams started to work on ideation and validation of the problem. We tried to keep a low profile by giving them only the necessary models and all the time they needed. In some cases, we intervened in the ideation, validation or finances, but we tried hard to keep a high morale in all teams. Every single student was as important as the other.


On the 4th day we were amazed that at 1500 hrs. we had three teams working hard on next day’s pitch. Everyone else was already gone, but those people were still there, working and fighting for an idea. That was very impressive for us!

The 5th day some of us were assigned to participate in the panel judging other teams’ pitches. I decided not to participate as a judge, but to stay and watch the pitches of the teams we had facilitated during 4 days. It was thrilling to see that from 6 teams, almost all of them performed beyond expectations. They were sure of themselves, the energy level was very high and even the teachers who acted as judges were impressed. We, our team, are so proud of them. We think we did a really good job.

After 90 minutes, the five finalists were announced. From 50 teams, 2 of our teams were selected to present their solution in front of a demanding jury composed of teachers, students, Tryg, Accenture and IBM representatives. Only two were selected, but honestly having 4 out of 6 teams performing flawlessly was more than our objective.

We had little time to prepare the finalists for the final pitch. Although none of them won the final prize, it was an emotional and thrilling day.

For us, it was a demanding week. Almost every one of us crashed al least once this week. We were The Lovely Seven + Mikkel.


Have a look at the best pictures from this event. You can use them for free, as long as you mention the source.

Thank you for your time!

If you need a photographer, do not forget. You can hire me. 😉