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Meet Mihai Dan Mustea. Professional photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. | Photography Author - Mihai Dan Mustea


poza_profil_2014My name is Mihai and I was a professional photographer for almost a decade. I lived in different countries for many years and I decided to settle myself in Denmark, Copenhagen for a while.

Throughout my life journey in various countries, while meeting amazing people from all over the world, I have been called everything from Mike to Miguel and even „el hombre del futuro”. Now, I do not mean to sound self-centered, but let us work a little bit on the actual pronunciation of my name, shall we? You have to say two words: Me and Hi!. Me-Hi! That’s it! You got it! Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about business!

The heart of a company should be represented by its customers. They are the ones who pump life into its organs. In its core, business is about people and I believe all products, services or experiences should offer a relevant solution for a real problem, in an efficient manner. Efficient? As a photographer and a young entrepreneur, I have come to learn that time is not money. Time is, instead, a valuable asset that cannot be bought and that is why I strive to invest my customers’ time wisely.

Photography is definitely not only about pushing a button and comprises more than mere pictures. A picture tells a story inspired by music, painting, literature, sculpture any kind of expression the humankind uses and we call art. In my working process, I always search for the best solutions, I like to plan, but also adapt on the go when needed and I do plenty of research for every project. I believe these traits make me a better photographer and human being.

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Mihai. (Me-Hi!)