poza_profil_2014My name is Mihai and I am a professional photographer. I lived in different countries for many years and I decided to settle myself in Denmark, Copenhagen for a while.

Throughout my life journey in various countries, while meeting amazing people from all over the world, I have been called everything from Mike to Miguel and even „el hombre del futuro”. Now, I do not mean to sound self-centered, but let us work a little bit on the actual pronunciation of my name, shall we? You have to say two words: Me and Hi!. Me-Hi! That’s it! You got it! Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about business!

The heart of a company should be represented by its customers. They are the ones who pump life into its organs. In its core, business is about people and I believe all products, services or experiences should offer a relevant solution for a real problem, in an efficient manner. Efficient? As a photographer and a young entrepreneur, I have come to learn that time is not money. Time is, instead, a valuable asset that cannot be bought and that is why I strive to invest my customers’ time wisely.

As a child, I must confess, interacting with fellow humans seemed fatigueing and nearly impossible. But I had to change. Today, I want to know you, ask you all the right questions. I would like to see the world through your eyes and understand your needs. Only then I may be able to say that I can help you.

Blending passion with business is the lifetime goal of many. I am among the lucky ones that – granted, after years of exploration and hardwork through fields such as aviation, physics, hospitality or construction – managed to transform their passion into a business. When driven by passion, I believe that a business is useful to society and easy to understand by the customer.

Besides my inner passion for photography, I find motivation in the excellent people I work with and the processes we go through. What I find most thrilling is to improvise if needed, rather than sticking to a strict plan, all while not drifting too far away from the final product agreed upon with the customer. At the end of the day, when the project is done, we contemplate it for a short while, we identify aspects to be improved in the future, shortly after losing interest and moving on to planning the next project.

Eventually, in my opinion, photography is definitely not only about pushing a button and comprises more than mere pictures. A picture tells a story inspired by music, painting, literature, sculpture any kind of expression the humankind uses and we call art. In my working process, I always search for the best solutions, I like to plan, but also adapt on the go when needed and I do plenty of research for every project. I believe these traits make me a better photographer and human being.

Did any part of my story resonate with you? Would you like to book me or work together with me on a project? Would you like to be a part of our heart? I can’t wait for your proposal!

I wish you a lovely day and thank you for your precious time!

Mihai. (Me-Hi!)