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Androgine | Photography Author - Mihai Dan Mustea


An androgyne, as a gender, is a person that’s not clearly defined into what the society calls it feminine or masculine. At the moment this project was written, there have been two starting points/ideas of androgyny that have been taken into account:

1*. In a study from 1977, Sandra Bem is classifying the individuals in four gender orientations: masculine, feminine, androgyne and undefined. The androgyne individuals are solely a women or a man that have a high grade of feminine/masculine expression and high feminine/masculine character sets, features.
2*. On the other hand, androgyny does not try to do define another gender, but to define something that is not masculine nor feminine. It tries to decompose the gender and to leave it in a neutral state.

In this project, the second reference is taken as a starting point. To explain a hypothetically “decomposition” of an individual, we will add the following attributes: asexuality, celibacy and undifferentiated. It’s unknown what exactly is from a sexual point of view, there is no attraction for the other gender, the sexual development has not taken place. Masculine and feminine does not exist.

*1 – Bem, Sandra L. (1977). “On the utility of alternative procedures for assessing psychological androgyny”. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 196-205.
*2 – Sell, Ingrid M, Third gender: A Qualitative Study of the Experience of Individuals Who Identify as Being Neither Man nor Woman. Doctoral Dissertation, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, 2001).


This project wouldn’t have been possible without:

Prof. Mario Rabasco Peiró
Prof. Silke Helmerdig

Fashion Designers:
Antonio Moreno
Sandra Coronado Agulló
Kamila Grokowsky

Dramatic art students, HBK, Germany:
Carla von Hoff
Enric Fort Ballesteros
Sina Dunker
Jenny Vollmer
Mareike Seifert
Thiemo Hackel
Phillip Rost
Ines Rönpagel
Christina Schlepping
Andrea Güstel
Lea Dietmann
Christian Aschenbrenner
Claudia Falck
Sara Braun
Lara Luna
Kira Liebert
Tobias Göring

Sylvia Heyden
Arístides Santana
Ulli Becker
Thomas Steen
Martin Salzer